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NFL Draft 2011: Looking At Bill Parcells Draft Board

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This week ESPN has been running it's Draft Confidential series which included a segment with Bill Parcells. The show included Parcells talking to ESPN's Mike Tirico and had shots in the background of what appears to be Parcells' draft board. SB Nation's New England Patriots blog, Pats Pulpit, went through and, thanks to DVR, was able to pinpoint the players on Parcells' draft board.

Go over to and check out the entire big board. It's really fascinating stuff (and a nice bit of detective work on their part).

A few notes on his big board and other parts of the show:

-He says the No. 1 thing for GMs and decision-makers to remember is you need to look at how the player performs on the football field with pads on. Don't lose focus of that.

-He has OT Nate Solder as his top offensive tackle ahead of OT Tyron Smith and OT Anthony Castonzo. That's pretty surprising to me because Solder could be around at No. 21.

-He has a second round grade on OLB Akeem Ayers.

-His second round receivers include WR Randall Cobb, WR Titus Young and WR Torrey Smith. WR Leonard Hankerson is in the third round, as is WR Jonathan Baldwin.

-He is a Ryan Kerrigan fan. Kerrigan, defensive end or potential 3-4 outside linebacker out of Purdue, is a guy he predicted would turn out to be a good player. Kerrigan is projected as a mid to late first rounder.

-He says you may remember the name Ricardo Lockette, a receiver out of Fort Valley State. He's one of those unknowns that's starting to climb up draft boards a little.

-DT Phil Taylor has a first round grade in case you were wondering.