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NFL Draft Rumors: Falcons, Cardinals, Steelers Could Be Looking To Trade

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2011 NFL draft rumors are starting to pick up with teams that are looking to move around in Thursday's first round. Today's rumors include the Atlanta Falcons looking to move up, the Arizona Cardinals looking to move back and the Pittsburgh Steelers looking to partner the Pouncey brothers. 

The Falcons are trying to move up and get receivers A.J. Green or Julio Jones. I'd say good luck to that. The Falcons are drafting 27th so it would be incredibly difficult if not impossible to move up into the top five where Green is likely to go. If Jones dips out of the top 10 I could see a scenario where Atlanta moves up but it will cost them. I wonder if the Falcons (or the Chiefs) have a first round grade on any other receivers. (Source: Peter King of

At least one team believes the Cardinals could consider trading back. Who will take the fifth pick though? I'm not sure who would want it. I imagine it would be someone looking for a quarterback provided QB Blaine Gabbert is still on the board but I haven't gotten the feeling Gabbert is the type of quarterback that teams will sacrifice a lot to go out and get. I'm just not sure who would move up and want that pick. (Source: ESPN's Adam Schefter)

The Steelers want the second Pouncey brother. The Steelers are looking for scenarios where they can land G/C Mike Pouncey, twin brother of Maurkice Pouncey. So let's see about this: the Miami Dolphins could take him at No. 15 so if he gets past them the next two teams that could be a threat to take Pouncey are the New York Giants at No. 19 and the Chiefs at No. 21. If the Chiefs are looking to trade down, it looks like this could be an opportunity for them. (Source Jason La Canfora of NFL Network)

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