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2011 NFL Draft Projections: Who Are The Kansas City Chiefs Going To Draft?

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Arrowhead Pride has teamed up with Valvoline for a couple of posts detailing who we think the Kansas City Chiefs are going to draft with the No. 21 overall pick. Show Valvoline some love on their Facebook page.

Just over two weeks ago, we asked you to predict what position the Kansas City Chiefs would draft at No. 21 overall (WarWolf has a FanPost up asking about specific players). Not much has changed in that time, aside from learning about a number of new NFL draft prospects the Chiefs have been checking out. It's not like Scott Pioli is gabbing about his draft strategy or forwarding it on to the rest of the NFL like he's in the Detroit Lions front office or something.

Anyway, the results of that first poll were pretty interesting:

  • Defensive tackle (31%);
  • Linebacker (20%);
  • Offensive tackle (19%);
  • Trade out (13%);
  • Wide receiver (8%);
  • Defensive end (3%); and,
  • Center (1%).
So on April 11th, a majority of AP readers thought that the Chiefs were going to go defense on day 1 of the 2011 NFL Draft. How much do you think that will change this time around?
I'm guessing...not that much. As great as hearing about who the Chiefs are visting with, it's not exactly the best indicator of who an NFL team is going to take. I'm a bit surprised that wide receiver isn't higher up there. Scott Pioli has taken two wide receivers in the second round, Deion Branch at No. 65 overall and Chad Jackson at No. 36 overall. That's not too far away from a first round pick.....

My first prediction as to who the Kansas City Chiefs will draft at No. 21 is a pass rushing outside linebacker. We're much more susceptible at that position than people realize and we know how much Pioli likes drafting defense in the first round.

To help inform you decision, here's how the Chiefs' draft prospects break down by position (with the usual caveat that we don't know every player the Chiefs are interested in):

WR (9), LB (8), RB (7), OT (7), QB (6), DE (5), CB (4), C (4), DT (4), G (3), TE (2), S (2), NT (2) and FB (1).

Make sure you vote and let us know if your vote changed from last time.

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