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Kansas City Chiefs NFL Draft Rumors: Don't Believe The Julio Jones Talk

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Late last night, scottbwalters posted a FanShot linking to's latest 2011 NFL Mock Draft. For the Kansas City Chiefs No. 55 pick, the Walter Football crew said this:

I just learned that the Chiefs want to trade up for Julio Jones. I don't know if that'll be possible. If they can't get the Alabama wideout, they may target Leonard Hankerson in Round 2.

I'm probably a bigger fan of Walter Football than most of you around here (decent mock drafts and other good primary research information) but I read this and said, "Huh?"

Suddenly, this morning, there were dozens of tweets speculating on this very subject: Are the Chiefs going to trade up from the No. 21 spot to draft Julio Jones? Check out the Twitter search results on that term here.

But with who? And for what?

No source. A casual mention of a rumor. This is how NFL draft week rumors get started. Frankly, we really shouldn't even be talking about this because it's a completely unsubstantiated rumor but it's a great example of how quickly rumors can spread.

Now watch the Chiefs go and trade up for Julio Jones and make me look foolish.

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