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NFLPA Telling Free Agents To Start Looking For New Teams

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The Kansas City Chiefs had 25 players without a contract heading into the 2011 NFL season. The NFLPA believes those players who are scheduled to become free agents should start shopping their services to other teams -- immediately.

Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post has acquired a memo NFLPA attorney Mark Levin sent to all NFL players. Here's the relevant portion of the memo:

"Unless and until Judge Nelson or the Court of Appeals issues another order, the lockout has been ordered to end immediately, and if the NFL does not comply, it would be in contempt of the court order. So, until you hear otherwise, if you are not under contract, Class Counsel believes that you and your agent can contact teams and shop your services to the clubs."

And the money quote:

"Judge Nelson's order is in effect as of 6 p.m. EDT on April 25, 2011, and unless and until that order is stayed, the clubs are NOT allowed to refuse to negotiate with you."

So I wonder if this means that GM Scott Pioli received any calls today. It appears the league is operating under the status quo, as if the NFL lockout is still in place. The NFLPA is operating as if the lockout is lifted.

So will free agency start? And if it does, when will it start? What will free agency look like?

I'm not sure that anyone knows the final answer to those.