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Sounds Like No Chiefs Players At Arrowhead Today

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Our NFL draft season has been interrupted by NFL lockout season which is why the majority of stories floating around today are not about the draft but about various players showing up at team facilities.

Reporters from KC's radio stations and local TV stations were staked out at Arrowhead on Tuesday morning and no Kansas City Chiefs players showed up.

Most of the activity around the league with players showing up to the team facilities occurred in the morning so it would appear that we won't see any action out at Arrowhead today. Rudy Niswanger said players were advised not to show up until there's some more clarity. That's the stance the league is taking as well.

Judge Susan Nelson will make another ruling (likely on Wednesday) on whether the lockout remains lfited or if the league will have to go another route to keep it in place.

Here are a few of the "This player showed up to the facility" stories going around today: