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Looking At How A Failed Drug Test Would Affect Chiefs Draft Plans

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Earlier this week Josh Looney of released his mock draft for the Kansas City Chiefs and at the very top had the team selecting Georgia DE Justin Houston in the first round.

He probably made that prediction without this bit of information from Jay Glazer of Houston, and Iowa DE Christian Ballard, both failed the drug test at the Combine. The offending substance: marijuana.

Various 2011 NFL mock drafts have had both Houston and Ballard headed to the Chiefs. Houston is viewed as a late first round pick and Ballard a second round pick.

Does this wipe them off of the Chiefs draft board?

In short: we don't know.

Chiefs GM Scott Pioli told me last month that things like this raise a flag for the team to do a little more research looking into what happened and why it happened.

"Each individual has a different definition of the word character," Pioli said last month. "Be on time. Pay attention. Work hard. Be accountable. Be responsible. Be dependable. That doesn't mean you're not going to have times in your life where you step outside of that -- no one's perfect."

It is concerning, though, if the report is accurate, that you couldn't keep pot out of your system when you knew a drug test was coming. That could speak more to someone's overall maturity rather than some sort of substance abuse problem.

(H/T tomahawk44)