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The One Thing We Know: 2011 NFL Draft

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This NFL lockout business is incredibly confusing to the average person (read: me) because of some legal mumbo jumbo being used but also becomes plenty of people simply don't know what will happen next.

Will Judge Susan Nelson put the lockout back in place? Will she keep the lockout lifted? If so, when does free agency start? Would it start before the draft?

There are plenty of questions right now but the one thing we know is the 2011 NFL draft. However this mess shakes out, there will be a draft and the Kansas City Chiefs will be selecting a new player on Thursday night (barring a trade back into the second round).

I wish we could focus solely on the draft until Saturday night and then broach this lockout story but that's not the way this thing is going to go. It's looking like sometime on Wednesday is the when we'll next be hearing some news.

The other good news is that, if our traffic numbers are any indication, fans are getting a little more excited about football.