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Chiefs Players Advised Not To Show Up At Arrowhead Today

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This is turning into one of the most bizarre days we've ever seen while following the NFL and the Kansas City Chiefs. The NFL lockout has been lifted -- for now -- but the league will request that it stays in place. There won't be a resolution today so we're in this weird grey area right now.

Some players around the league are showing up to the team facilities while the lockout is lifted. It's their right to show up so they can do that if they want.

Asked for clarification on whether the Chiefs players were going to show up to Arrowhead today, Chiefs' Rudy Niswanger had this to say via email:

Our suggestion was to wait until some of this is cleared up. We wanted to give the Chiefs time to decide how the situation would be handled before we showed up and put a trainer, manager, or coach in an awkward situation they were not prepared for.  Guys have a right by court order to enter the facility so it us up to them as individuals what they do. I don't know if anyone will show up, but our recommendation was to give it some time.

Multiple reporters are staked out at Arrowhead this morning and there hasn't been any word of a player showing up. As Niswanger said, they can show up if they want to. Others players around the league have gone into their facilities, even if for a few minutes. 

Niswanger says via Twitter that, if they can't work out or rehab, he's not sure what the point of showing up is. One reason may be that some agents believe their clients need to show up in order to potentially collect offseason workout bonuses. Others aren't sure that's the case.

Basically, no one is really certain what's going to happen next. 

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