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Kansas City Chiefs NFL Draft Busts: No. 10 Junior Siavii

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Arrowhead Pride has teamed up with Bud Light (Give 'em a like on Facebook here) to bring you the top ten biggest draft busts in Chiefs history. We start with No. 10...

The Kansas City Chiefs' 2004 NFL draft will not go down in history as one of the franchise's greatest two days. Besides picking up Jared Allen in the fourth round that year, the Kansas City Chiefs draft picks all under performed in their careers. Kris Wilson, Keyaron Fox and Samie Parker (maybe not Parker so much) never really became big time contributors for KC. 

The first draft pick the Chiefs made in the 2004 draft was No. 36 overall - Junior Siavii.

Coming out of Oregon, the 6'5", 355 pound Siavii was considered a reach by most people. He was projected as a 3-4 round pick, which made the Chiefs' selection of Siavii early in the second round a surprise. Even back in 2004, in the early days after the draft, people were pegging Siavvi and the Chiefs' 2004 draft class as mediocre:

The Chiefs wound up reaching for Oregon DT Junior Siavii at No. 36. At 6-foot-4 and 360 pounds, Siavii has the size Kansas City needs to fill its porous run defense, but he was rated as a fifth-round prospect. He doesn't have enough experience to make a major contribution in 2004. 

Claims like these were confirmed by Siavii during his playing days. He only played two seasons in Kansas City, starting zero games and only garnering one sack. He's hung around the league as a fringe defensive linemen, playing even today for the Seattle Seahawks. 

For Chiefs head coach Dick Vermeil, Siavii's failure pretty much confirmed that he had no idea what he was doing when it came to drafting defense. The defensive picks that did turn out to be good players turned out to be good on other teams - Kawika Mitchell, Keyaron Fox and Jimmy WIlkerson to name a few. 

If it wasn't for Ryan Sims, Junior Siavii would be Dick Vermeil's greatest NFL draft bust. 

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