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Could Chiefs Coaches Contact Players Right Now?

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As everyone knows by now, Judge Susan Nelson has ruled in favor of the players and lifted the NFL lockout. The league will appeal the move and hope to keep the lockout in place during the appeal process.

But right now, this second, there is no lockout.

So are Kansas City Chiefs coaches and players talking? In theory, they should be able to. Jim Trotter of confirms that, with some teams, it's already happening.

[W]as just told that some players have been contacted by their position coaches, who are capitalizing on this time of limbo.

There's also the question of whether the players can show up to work tomorrow. If the lockout is over until a stay is granted then, in theory, players can go to the facility tomorrow morning until that stay is granted.

Some Pittsburgh Steelers players are planning are doing just that.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello says the league won't be operating like they're open for business until they've had a chance to seek a stay.

It seems as if we are entering an alternate universe where the doors are technically open but there are no rules. Hmm...the Wild, Wild West?

[Update: Pro Football Talk reports: "League source says teams are telling coaches they still can't talk to players."]