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2011 NFL Draft Rumors Picking Up

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The 2011 NFL draft is getting closer which means we're seeing more and more NFL draft rumors. The Kansas City Chiefs haven't been involved in many rumors to this point and we don't have anything juicy to add but ESPN's Adam Schefter has reported on several teams looking to move up in the draft and several more looking to trade down.

Among those looking to trade up: New England Patriots, Philadelphia Eagles, Cincinnati Bengals, Buffalo Bills, Tennessee Titans and Minnesota Vikings. The caveat is that the players these teams are targeting would have to be there, which isn't a guarantee.

The Patriots and Eagles would appear to be wanting to move up from their first round pick while I imagine the others would be trying to move back into the first round from their second round picks. The Eagles are two spots behind the Chiefs and the Patriots are seven spots behind the Chiefs so KC could be in play for a possible trade. It just depends on who the target is.

Among those looking to trade down: San Francisco 49ers, Dallas Cowboys, Washington Redskins, Detroit Lions and Seattle Seahawks.

The first three are in the top 10 so someone will have to pay a price to move up. The Seahawks could be looking at a quarterback so I wonder if they're willing to move down a few spots and still try to pick up a quarterback. There are lots of options with this group.

Ahh, you know it's draft week when the rumors start coming in at a fast pace. I love it!