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NFL Draft 2011: Should The Chiefs Consider Trades For Future Picks?

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I was just writing a couple of blog posts at regarding the 2011 NFL draft and where a few trades might come from. The most obvious team willing to deal is the New England Patriots because A.) they trade more than anyone else in the draft and B.) they have the pieces -- 17th, 28th and 33rd overall picks -- in order to move around.

And one of the points I brought up was that New England only has five draft picks next year suggesting that Bill Belichick, who acquired the 17th and 33rd overall picks via trades the last two years, would be willing to deal for picks in future years.

It's an interesting idea. Would the Chiefs be willing to five up -- let's say their second round pick -- in order to acquire someone's first round pick next year?

The Chiefs have done it before trading TE Tony Gonzalez shortly before the 2009 NFL draft in exchange for a 2010 draft pick.

In the short-term, this would be incredibly annoying as a fan. You wait all this time predicting who the Chiefs will take and all of a sudden they trade a pick away and don't immediately get anything in return.

In the long run it's an excellent idea and one I think GM Scott Pioli should consider. Sure, the Chiefs have needs that need to be filled quickly but trading away an '11 draft pick would likely result in a '12 draft pick that's more valuable (possibly by an entire round).

Think about what the Patriots did last year. They traded away a third round pick -- 89th overall -- for the Panthers 2011 second round pick. They hit the jack pot with the Panthers going 2-14 last year and that pick turned into the 33rd overall -- a jump of 56 spots all for waiting just one year.

And the year before that they traded DE Richard Seymour in exchange for the Oakland Raiders 2011 first round pick (the 17th overall this year).

So out of curiosity, how do you feel about trading future picks if it means moving up a round?