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Kansas City Chiefs NFL Draft Successes: No. 1 Derrick Thomas

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Arrowhead Pride has teamed up with Bud Light (Give 'em a Like on Facebook here) to count down the Kansas City Chiefs greatest NFL draft successes and failures. We're down to the No. 1 best draft pick....

You saw this coming right? As soon as Tony Gonzalez was named the No. 2 most successful draft picks in Kansas City Chiefs history, you knew that the No. 1 spot belonged to Derrick Thomas.

Drafted No. 4 overall in 1989, Derrick Thomas would go on to become one of the greatest Kansas City Chiefs players of all time. Now we can go over statistics and awards to show you just how great Derrick Thomas was. But you know all of those and frankly that can be a little boring.

So, I present to you an excerpt about Derrick Thomas and the 1989 NFL Draft from Carl Peterson's speech at Thomas' induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. It's one of my favorite stories about any Chiefs player and it exemplifies the amazing talent that Derrick Thomas possessed.

Read more about DT and the '89 draft, after the jump.....

"In the spring of 1989, myself, Marty Schottenheimer and Bill Cowher went to Tuscaloosa, Alabama to work out a player we hoped to consider for our #1 draft choice. He was an extraordinary person and his head coach at Alabama, said 'Great player, great person and you'll never tire the young man out.'

Derrick Thomas didn't work out for us at the NFL Combine and we were a little hot about it. It was a very hot day in Tuscaloosa on the astroturf and Bill Cowher began to work him out. He worked him out, and he worked him out.

He gave him every LB drill he knew. He came back to Marty and said, 'What do you think?' After every drill, Derrick would come back, give us that smile, that unbelievable smile, and say, 'Coach what else would you like to see?'

I said, 'Let's see some more.' Bill gave him all the defensive line drills, one drill after another after another. And every time, after the drill, Derrick would come over and smile at us and say, 'What else would you like to see?'

There were four of his teammates working out with us at that time too. And by now they had fallen away totally exhausted. Bill Cowher came back and said, 'I'm running out of drills.' I said, 'Let's just see some more.'

He drilled him with all the defensive backs drills that he knew. Bill came back and said, 'I'm all out of drills and I'm exhausted.'

We knew we had a special guy here."

That story puts me right there in Tuscaloosa, watching other NFL draft prospects drop like flies around Derrick Thomas.

RIP Derrick Thomas.

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