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Don't Forget The Chiefs May Have Options At Nose Tackle

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One of the things the NFL lockout has done is place free agency after the 2011 NFL draft (assuming we actually have a free agency which is not necessarily a safe assumption). This has changed strategies for some teams and caused teams to operate a little differently.

Normally, the Chiefs would have signed (or tried to sign) the free agents they wanted to keep, filling up a few holes, and focusing their entire attention on the NFL draft. 

That's obviously not the case this year. The Chiefs haven't been able to re-sign anyone lending to the uncertainty in the NFL this year.

When it comes to the draft and where the Chiefs might go with their first pick, I think it's important to remember who's already in-house. Specifically, I'm talking about nose tackle. That's a popular mock draft pick for the Chiefs because folks say there's a need there.

That may be true....but what if it's not?

Ron Edwards is scheduled to be a free agent but it's very possible the Chiefs plan on re-signing him. Let's face it: 31-year old defensive tackles aren't necessarily in demand. The Chiefs could probably keep Edwards if they wanted to.

There's also Anthony Toribio. The Chiefs claimed him from the Green Bay Packers prior to the 2010 season so there's something there that they liked. It's possible the Chiefs think he's ready for an increased role which would minimize the need at nose tackle. 

While nose tackle may look like a need, don't forget that there are guys already on the Chiefs roster who could fill some of these holes.  The problem, of course, is trying to identify which players the Chiefs will try to keep if/when free agency hits and which players they'll let go.

I just wanted to remind people that, at nose tackle, it's not that far-fetched to see the Chiefs lining up with Edwards and Toribio next season.