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Latest 2011 NFL Mock Draft Has Chiefs Picking...

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SB Nation's Brian Galliford has released another 2011 NFL mock draft (with trades!) and his pick for the Kansas City Chiefs is a familiar one -- LB Akeem Ayers. I know we've said there isn't a consensus on the Chiefs pick in the 2011 NFL draft but SB Nation's mock draft has whittled a list of several candidates.

Those players are: OT Derek Sherrod, OT Gabe Carimi, OT Anthony Castonzo, LB Akeem Ayers and DT Phil Taylor.

These mock drafts have been going up weekly since prior to the NFL Combine so you would think at least one of the predictions would be right.

That's the crazy thing about this year -- after two-plus months of mock drafts, we have no idea if the Chiefs pick is one of the few players SB Nation has mocked to KC. I know we've talked about the uncertainty of the draft several times but that's the overall theme of this draft -- the unknown.

I do think, though, that the SB Nation mock drafts has hit on the correct positions -- offensive tackle, linebacker and nose tackle. With the usual caveat that we don't know what GM Scott Pioli is thinking, I do think the Chiefs pick will be one of those positions.

In addition, one of my beefs with this mock draft is that OT Gabe Carimi and G/C Mike Pouncey are selected after the Chiefs. If both those players are on the board, I think one will be Pioli's pick.

Make sure you check out the latest SB Nation mock draft. It's pretty entertaining because trades are included.