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2011 NFL Draft: Phil Taylor's Foot Checks Out

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One of the most popular 2011 NFL mock draft picks for the Kansas City Chiefs has been Baylor DT Phil Taylor. Potential 3-4 nose tackles don't come along very often so this was a great example of mock drafts looking at a large need -- for the Chiefs, that's nose tackle -- and finding a player to fit into it.

We're not sure if Taylor has the make-up to be a GM Scott Pioli type of pick but medically, he's OK, says Peter King of Last week a report surfaced that Taylor has some potentially long-term foot issues but King says that's not the case.

He wasn't asked to return to Indianapolis for the medical re-check on his foot, as many players are when they have lingering health issues before the draft. He had his foot X-rayed again by the 49ers on a recent visit, and he told me the 49ers team doctor told him there was nothing wrong with his foot long-term.

This only changes things if Taylor was a possible Chiefs pick at No. 21. We're not sure if he is. But we do know the Chiefs have done their homework on him. They've worked him out privately and had him in for a visit.

When I spoke with Chiefs GM Scott Pioli a few weeks ago, he said that during the draft process they will flag some players -- perhaps that's for character issues, medical issues or anything else that requires more research. That's the key -- more research. It appears the Chiefs have done their research on Taylor.

Only three more days until we potentially find out what that research revealed.