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More NFL Draft Rumors: Kansas City Chiefs Interested In Alabama Tight End

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What does it say when I'm immediately impressed with one of the Kansas City Chiefs NFL draft prospects because he blocks his tweets from the public? Yes, Alabama tight end Preston Dial is smarter than 95% of athletes out there. Which is probably why Aaron Wilson of the National Football Post reports that the Kansas City Chiefs are one of a handful of teams that are showing interest in Preston Dial.

Dial projects as an H-back type position in the NFL. 2010 was by far his best statistical season. Dial caught 25 passes last season - 13 more than all of his previous seasons combined.

He isn't technically a team captain but apparently has good leadership skills. SB Nation's Alabama blog Roll Bama Roll said Dial has the leadership skills to be a team captain.

Dial's strengths include his blocking skills, pass catching ability and he is reportedly quite athletic and agile for his size (Aren't they all?). He projects as a 7th round pick in the 2011 NFL Draft.

Dial is the third H-back that the Chiefs have shown interest in.

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