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2011 NFL Draft: What Are The KC Chiefs Trade Down Options?

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Over at I just wrote about what teams at the top of the second round may be looking to get back into the first round. I suggested the likely reason a team would want to move back up into the first round would be selecting one of several quarterbacks that would likely be available at the end of the first round.

Teams looking to trade back into the first round could affect the Kansas City Chiefs. With the 21st pick, the Chiefs would seemingly be in good position to deal their first round pick, move back and pick up a few extra draft picks.

In theory, that makes sense. But who would want the 21st pick? It's hard to pinpoint who would want to move up but I think generally teams would be willing to move up in the draft to select a quarterback, pass rusher or offensive tackle.

Teams looking for a quarterback likely wouldn't have to move all the way to the 21st pick. Those selecting after the Chiefs -- Indianapolis Colts, Philadelphia Eagles and New Orleans Saints -- aren't looking for a quarterback so no team would move all the way to the 21st pick.

The pass rushing group is deep this year so, in theory, teams could wait until the second round and still get a good value.

There should be a couple of offensive tackles available with the 21st pick so that's a trade down option for the Chiefs. The Colts and Eagles could both be in the market for an offensive tackle so I could see someone moving up to the Chiefs spot to select a Gabe Carimi or a Nate Solder before those teams do.

Of course, the NFL draft never goes the way we think it will. So while I don't think there are any incredibly promising trade down options for the Chiefs, a prospect will fall, and some team will likely be in love with him creating some trade down talk.

It's just a matter of whether the Chiefs are willing to pull the trigger.