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Kansas City Chiefs NFL Draft Successes: No. 6 Buck Buchanan

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When a player is selected No. 1 overall in a draft, like Buck Buchanan was in the 1963 AFL Draft, success on the field is expected. But what makes Buck Buchanan such a great pick was that he turned out to be one of the greatest Kansas City Chiefs players of all time.

Drafted No. 1 overall in the AFL but selected in the 19th round of the 1963 NFL Draft, Buck Buchanan was an incredible football player from his time at Grambling on.

He played for the Kansas City Chiefs from 1963 to 1975. He was part of the Chiefs' Super Bowl winning team in 1969 in addition to garnering tons of accolades and awards during his career:

  • Six-time AFL All Star;
  • Six-time AFL All-Pro;
  • Two-time Pro Bowl Selection;
  • 1969 Super Bowl Champion;
  • Member of the College Football Hall of Fame;
  • Member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame; and,
  • His #86 has been retired by the Kansas City Chiefs.
Buck Buchanan is without question one of the greatest draft picks ever by the Kansas City Chiefs. He was always a Chief. And always will be.

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