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Former Chief Willie Lanier Will Be Involved In 2011 NFL Draft Festivities

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Last week we put up a poll asking folks if you thought the Kansas City Chiefs first round pick would be in attendance at Radio City Music Hall for the 2011 NFL draft. The NFL invites incoming rookies to the draft and in recent years has been increasing that number.

This year there have reportedly been over 20 players invited (though not all have accepted). 50 percent of you predicted the Chiefs first round pick would not be in attendance while 38 percent of you said he would be.

Whether the Chiefs first round pick is there or not, KC will be represented. The NFL has invited former players to announce each team's second round pick and for the Chiefs that will be LB Willie Lanier (not to be confused with AP commenter Lanier63). 

The other Chiefs connection -- even if we still think of him as a Chief -- will be OT Willie Roaf for the New Orleans Saints. And I can imagine a few Chiefs fans at Radio City Music Hall will have something to say that rhymes with "moo" when the second best tight end of all time, Shannon Sharpe, presents for the Denver Broncos.

The Miami Dolphins, Carolina Panthers and New York Jets don't have second round picks so former players will announce their third round picks. 

I've got the full list of former players involved with this after the jump.