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Todd McShay's Mock Draft Gives Chiefs Three Options At No. 21

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ESPN's Todd McShay's latest 2011 NFL mock draft includes three options for every team including the Kansas City Chiefs. Two of the names are the two we hear the most in connection with the 21st overall pick: Wisconsin OT Gabe Carimi and Baylor DT Phil Taylor.

Carimi is a safe pick, with a high floor at a potential position of need while Taylor also fills a need at a position that's hard to come by. I understand both those picks.

McShay though has a new name to throw into the mix: Arizona LB Brooks Reed.

This might seem a bit high for Reed, but he makes sense as a pass-rusher to complement Tamba Hali, and with his motor, character and experience on both edges, Reed fits what GM Scott Pioli is looking for.

it does seem a little high although I've heard the connection between Reed and the Chiefs based on his make-up. I sit here and wonder if Chiefs GM Scott Pioli would pick a guy this much higher than he's projected to go based on his make-up...and then I remember DE Tyson Jackson

So it's possible. I'm not sure that's the guy I'd pick but Reed should probably be thrown in the half-dozen or so players we think the Chiefs are taking a long look at.