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16 Thoughts On The Kansas City Chiefs 2011 Schedule

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The buzz surrounding the 2011 NFL schedule release is starting to wear off so I decided to push out a bunch of one-liners on every game of the Kansas City Chiefs regular season. 

Here are 16 thoughts on the Chiefs 2011 schedule:

  • Week 1 - Buffalo Bills: At the moment, the Chiefs are seven point favorites over the Bills, which is the largest line of the week.
  • Week 2 - @ Detroit Lions: I think Gunther Cunningham will be eager to see the Chiefs.
  • Week 3 - @ San Diego Chargers: A rematch of the whooping the Chargers gave the Chiefs in San Diego last year.
  • Week 4 - Minnesota Vikings: Too early for Brett Favre to come back?
  • Week 5 - @ Indianapolis Colts: The Chiefs have to beat the Colts one of these days.
  • Week 6 - Bye
  • Week 7 - @ Oakland Raiders: The Chiefs first shot to avenge two losses to the Raiders last year.
  • Week 8 - San Diego Chargers (Monday Night): This could be a repeat of Sept. 13, 2010.
  • Week 9 - Miami Dolphins: Too bad Bill Parcells is gone or else Chiefs GM Scott Pioli could have a chance to beat his father-in-law.
  • Week 10 - Denver Broncos: Once again, the Chiefs don't play the Broncos until late in the season.
  • Week 11 - @ New England (Monday Night): You already know this is the game I'm looking forward to the most.
  • Week 12 - Pittsburgh Steelers (Sunday Night): The Chiefs won four games in 2009 yet found a wayt o beat the Steelers at Arrowhead.
  • Week 13 - @ Chicago Bears: This is a chance to see our old friend Mr. Cutler.
  • Week 14 - @ New York Jets: As a sports blogger, I can't wait for Rex Ryan the week leading up to this game.
  • Week 15 - Green Bay Packers: I'd love to see the Chiefs knock off the defending champs. 
  • Week 16 - Oakland Raiders: I like that the Chiefs have a late home game against Oakland to get them fired up for what is hopefully a playoff run.
  • Week 17 - @ Denver Broncos: The Broncos may not be very good in 2011 but these games are always tight.