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Best Game On The Kansas City Chiefs 2011 Schedule Is...

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Is there any doubt what the best game on the Kansas City Chiefs 2011 schedule is?

For me, it's a no-brainer.

Foxboro. Monday Night Football. Bill Belichick. Scott Pioli. Chiefs. Patriots.  It's hard to get much better than that. I'm already pumped up thinking about this game and I'm probably going to be watching from the couch.

You have the Tom Brady and Matt Cassel story, and how the Chiefs ruined Brady's 2008 season. You have the Bill Belichick and Scott Pioli angle -- two friends becomes foes. You have the "Patriot Way" against the "Right 53", or whatever the KC version of the Patriot Way is. You have a number of former Patriots on the Chiefs roster. You have S Jarrad Page seeing a "Vindictive" (with a capital V) Todd Haley. 

The Nov. 21 game is also the start of the Chiefs brutal five-game stretch where they'll play the Patriots and then the four teams in the conference championships last season.

The only non-playoff game in the last few years that rivals this Pats game is the Monday nighter against San Diego to start the season last year. Even that may not be able to compare. 

The Chiefs beat the Chargers to put the rest of the league on alert that they weren't a pushover anymore. Wouldn't it be cool if they take another step up by beating the Patriots? 

I've already got the story line all planned out.

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