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Elephant In The Room On NFL's Schedule Release

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I looked at our stories on Tuesday night of the 2011 NFL schedule release and it seems folks are as excited as they have been in quite some time, maybe since the end of the season. The schedule release is sort of like the draft where nothing on the field is actually happening but it spurs hypothetical scenarios, predictions and conversation about what the team will look like the in the future. 

Of course, that's the problem -- the future. The NFL lockout controls the future right now. I really hate feeling helpless but that's what it's like right now.

The schedule release is like handing me an Oklahoma Joe's menu and saying, 'Pick what you want, hype it up with your friends...but we'll decide in five months whether we actually give it to you.' For those with season tickets, you're paying for your meal right now. That makes it even more frustrating if this thing can't get resolved.

There have been reports that the league needs a bare minimum of three weeks to prepare for the season. So in order to avoid interruption to the preseason schedule, they'll need to get something done by mid-July, and to avoid interruption to the regular season, that would be mid-August. 

The schedule release is fun and it provides a nice escape from the daily grind of the lockout.  But I ordered that Z-man sandwich from Oklahoma Joe's, I've seen a glimpse of it and I'm really, really hoping I get it.