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Peter King's Mock Draft Has Chiefs Looking At Offensive Tackle

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Kent Babb of the KC Star noted on Twitter that it seems every year the Kansas City Chiefs are rumored to take an offensive tackle and that's because OT Brandon Albert has yet to definitely prove he's the man at left tackle. That's why names like Bryan Bulaga, Eugene Monroe and Jason Smith are familiar to Chiefs fans -- they were all at one point considered possible Chiefs draft picks in the 2009 and 2010 draft.

Peter King of joins the offensive tackle crowd and in his latest 2011 NFL mock draft has the Chiefs selecting Wisconsin OT Gabe Carimi.

G.M. Scott Pioli would have loved to take Baylor's Phil Taylor, the best nose man in the draft, here, but Taylor's foot problems will make Kansas City turn elsewhere. If Mike Pouncey were still around at 21, he could be Pioli's man, to slot in as a long-term guard or center. But with Pouncey likely out of the picture, the Chiefs will turn to a Day One starting mauler at right tackle in Carimi, a safe guy at a need position from a good program.

Interesting that he notes the information about Taylor's feet. That became public recently and there have been several conflicting reports. King's mock draft has Pouncey going to the Patriots with the 17th pick so he'll be gone. But if the Chiefs really want him, New England makes sense as a trade partner as it seems they're always willing to deal their picks.

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