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Two-Round NFL Mock Draft Has Chiefs Picking Offensive And Defensive Line

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SB Nation has released their latest two-round 2011 NFL mock draft and there was some movement in the Kansas City Chiefs prediction. Most of the picks have addressed either offensive tackle or nose tackle (Phil Taylor). This two-round mock draft hits on both of those.

With the 21st pick, SB Nation's Brian Galliford predicts Wisconsin OT Gabe Carimi will come to KC. "Carimi is the most NFL-ready tackle available this year, and starts on the right side immediately for the Chiefs," Galliford writes.

That's a safe pick and one that seems to make some sense. 610 Sports' Nick Wright said on Monday that the Chiefs like Brandon Albert and Barry Richardson more than most realize. So if that's the case, offensive tackle may not be as high on the list. What will be interesting is when the run on offensive tackles happens -- Carimi, Nate Solder and Derek Sherrod. If those guys are all gone by No. 21, then the Chiefs offensive tackle plan could change.

Moving onto the second round, Galliford predicts a familiar name with the 55th pick -- Baylor DT Phil Taylor. "Projected in the first round, he's poor value," Galliford writes. "Projected here, he's terrific value. He fits the Chiefs defense very well."

Of course the question now is whether Taylor drops that far. I'd guess that's unlikely but it's not like I haven't been wrong before.

Check out the full mock draft at What's the most surprising pick?