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Chiefs GM Scott Pioli Believes Bill Parcells

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We've already had several stories today involving Chiefs GM Scott Pioli so why not make it another.

Earlier today, Bill Parcells conducted a conference call with the New England media as the Patriots had nominated him for their Hall of Fame resulting from his four-year run with the team in the '90s. During that call he was asked whether he would be returning to the NFL anytime soon.

"I'm done," he said (via
Of course, we've heard that before -- a few times. I remember watching the Bill Parcells documentary on NFL Network a few months ago and they showed a clip of Parcells contemplating retirement -- in the '80s.

Parcells' son-in-law, Chiefs GM Scott Pioli, was on Pro Football Talk Live on Monday and said he believes Parcells when he says he's done.

"I believe him when he says it," Pioli said. "All of us have changed our minds on things at different times. I think when Bill says things he means them at the time and as life evolves and changes -- it's not just Bill Parcells. I've seen plenty of people, including myself....unintentionally, you make statements and then life changes and life circumstances change and things become different."

This is probably a larger point we can draw from that: what's true today may not be true tomorrow.

Unfortunately, applying this lesson makes it impossible to guess who the Chiefs are going to pick on April 28.