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2011 NFL Draft: Looking At The Phil Taylor Foot Injury Story

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Over the weekend Rob Rang of reported that several teams (or more) are red-flagging Baylor DT Phil Taylor in the 2011 NFL draft because of a condition in his feet in which his bones are growing together. The report says it's not correctable through surgery and is more of a pain-tolerance issue, but could be a problem later down the line.

Hmm. Less than two weeks before the draft, word gets leaked out that this player is suffering from an injury. Though I don't know Rang's source, I wouldn't be surprised if it was someone who has an interest in Taylor falling down draft boards. Perhaps a GM from a team drafting late in the first round or early in the second hoping Taylor will fall. It's Liars' Month, so you have to take that into account.

That said, multiple reports are now coming out about Taylor's foot issue. Peter King of reports at least one team has scratched him from their draft board for that issue so that, combined with Rang's report, indicates that there's likely some truth to this.

A foot injury on a guy who is holding three hundred-plus pounds isn't a good situation in my non-expert opinion. The Chiefs generally go for safe picks with high floors as opposed to high ceilings and this injury could create a situation where there are simply too many unknowns.

Maybe Taylor was never on the Chiefs draft board but this information -- which, to teams, probably isn't new information -- makes you think twice about putting him at No. 21 on your mock draft.