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Will The Chiefs Draft Pick Walk Across The Stage At 2011 NFL Draft In New York?

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Last year the Kansas City Chiefs drafted S Eric Berry with the fifth overall pick and Berry walked across the stage at Radio City Music Hall in New York on a Thursday night.

Will the Chiefs be able to do the same this year?

What I mean is will the Chiefs' eventual draft pick be in New York and invited to Radio City Music Hall. As of now, there are 16 players known to have been invited and accepted to the NFL draft in New York.

Those include (via Pro Football Talk): QB Blaine Gabbert, RB Mark Ingram, DT Phil Taylor, G/C Mike Pouncey, WR A.J. Green, RB Ryan Williams, LB Akeem Ayers, DE Adrian Clayborn, WR Julio Jones, DE Ryan Kerrigan, DT Corey Liuget, LB Von Miller, CB Patrick Peterson, QB Cam Newton, DE Cameron Jordan and OT Tyron Smith.

There will probably be more attending the draft but those are the only ones that are known right now.

So will the Chiefs see the guy they pick walk across the stage at Radio City Music Hall?