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NFL Draft 2011: Kansas City Chiefs Checking Out Division II Tackle

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For the second time in two days, we have a report that the Kansas City Chiefs are interested in a non-Division I football player. This time, it's D-II Virginia Union's David Mims. According to Aaron Wilson of the National Football Post, the Chiefs, Lions and Ravens have worked out the small school offensive tackle.

Mims is a 6'8", 331 pound offensive lineman who scouts have pegged as a right tackle in the NFL despite playing his college career on the left side.

More after the jump:

NFL Draft Scout rates Mims as the 23rd best offensive tackle in the 2011 NFL Draft and projects him to go in the later rounds - 6th, 7th or go undrafted. From what I can tell, David Mims is a certain draft profile type you see in each and every NFL draft - the developmental tackle prospect. I'm talking about big, huge tackles from small schools whose technique may not quite be there yet but who clearly have the athletic skills and size to play in the NFL. These players aren't picked in the later rounds to start, or even make the 53-man roster necessarily. We're talking about taking a gamble on a late round pick that may take 3-4 years to fully develop in the NFL.

Wes Bunting of the National Football Post attended Mims' Pro Day and came away very impressed:

Mims also still has a ton of upside to his game and after his impressive pro day workout he definitely has scouts buzzing about his long term potential. I spoke with a scout this weekend who told me following his workout, "Unfortunately he's not a sleeper anymore."

If it comes to the 7th round and David Mims is there, sure, why not take a small risk and draft the guy. Just don't draft a developmental tackle in say, the 5th round, like....Colin Brown?

Expect a draft interests table update later today.

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