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Still Waiting To Hear About Future Of Chiefs' Casey Wiegmann, Mike Vrabel

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The Kansas City Chiefs could be missing two key veteran presences in the locker room next season -- or they could have them back. We don't know yet.

I'm talking about C Casey Wiegmann and LB Mike Vrabel.

Wiegmann was reportedly considering retirement, according to a report last February from Bill Williamson of The report states he was planning to tell the Chiefs of his intent to return or retire before the NFL draft, which is two weeks away. With the NFL lockout, they can't have that conversation so we're left wondering what Wiegmann will do. Assuming they don't talk privately, I wonder if Wiegmann makes his decision known through the media. We shall wait and see.

Vrabel recently told Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star that he wants to return to the Chiefs next year though we don't know how the Chiefs feel about that. I would doubt the arrest has any bearing on their decision. Instead, I'd argue the NFL draft matters a whole lot here. If the Chiefs pick up an outside linebacker, and with LB Andy Studebaker already in the fold, I wonder if they would take him back. 

Center and outside linebacker are two positions which bring a lot of questions and it's hard to answer any of them without knowing the future of these two.