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Chiefs RB Thomas Jones Gets New Job With Jimmy Kimmel

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We've heard New York Jets LB Bart Scott is wrestling. Baltimore Ravens S Tom Zbikowski is boxing, as is Minnesota Vikings DE Ray Edwards. Kansas City Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles may even run track.

NFL players are looking at lots of different jobs during the NFL lockout and that includes Chiefs RB Thomas Jones.

His new gig: an assistant on the production crew for Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Sure, it's not real, but it's pretty damn funny. Jones was on Jimmy Kimmel last night where it was announced he had been hired onto the staff at the ABC show. The skit highlighted his biggest asset.

I'm not sure what jersey Jones is wearing in the clip -- I don't think he can wear his Chiefs No. 20 during the lockout -- but Philadelphia Eagles WR DeSean Jackson wore the same jersey in a similar skit a few weeks ago.

(H/T Max Strauss for posting the video first)