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Predicting The KC Chiefs Preseason Schedule

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We're so desperate for actual football news that I am going to predict the Chiefs preseason schedule. This is just a prediction and not the real thing, which is expected to be released sometime this afternoon.

So here goes my predictions and my reasoning behind it...
First, I don't think it will be any teams the Chiefs are scheduled to play in the 2011 regular season.

That would eliminate the Chargers, Raiders and Broncos as well as the NFC North (Packers, Vikings, Lions and Bears) and the AFC East (Patriots, Dolphins, Bills and Jets). It would also eliminate the Steelers and Colts.

Second, the Cleveland Plain-Dealer has leaked the Browns preseason schedules and, if it's accurate, the Chiefs aren't on it.

Third, the Chiefs played the Falcons, Bucs, Eagles and Packers in the preseason last year so they may not play those teams again and in the 2009 preseason they played the Texans and Seahawks so I don't think they'll face them again.

That leaves among the possibilites in my prediction the Ravens, Bengals, Jaguars, Giants, Cowboys, Redskins, Saints, Panthers, Rams, 49ers and Cardinals.

That's about as many as I can eliminate so, with that, here are my predictions on the Chiefs preseason opponents: Rams, Saints, Panthers and Ravens.