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Chiefs 2011 NFL Draft Board Is Basically Done

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While we're tracking the Kansas City Chiefs draft interests and figure out new information every day on a player they may or may not be interested in, the team's actual draft board won't be changing much, if at all. Chiefs GM Scott Pioli told me last week in an interview that by the week of the Combine their draft board is mostly done.

A guy may move up a little here, or move down a little there, but for the most part the board is done. Not everything is set in stone but the Chiefs have a pretty good idea of what their draft board will look like by that week.

The reason, Pioli told me, was that he doesn't want to get too obsessed with workout numbers. 

"From the time we have," Pioli said, "the week before the Combine until the draft, there's not a lot of movement that happens because I want us to be very careful about making too many dramatic changes based on players' workouts. You should have a full body of work on how a player performs playing football on tape."

That said, there are exceptions to this. He says there may be some guys that lost during the draft process and then the Combine or their pro day comes along, and they run incredibly fast. That doesn't mean he's being pushed up the Chiefs draft board but it does raise a flag that more research is necessary.

"Whatever happens, or whatever changes happen, are never due exclusively to the numbers that are posted from February to April," Pioli said. "Sometimes those lead us to do more work or understand things better."

I would guess that one of the most common reasons for a player to rise or fall is the revelation of more information on injuries. If a player played poorly in October of the football season, for example, more research on that player may reveal that he was playing with an injury.

"College teams are like pro teams," he said. "They don't always give out the information about injuries for whatever reason."

That's why you have someone like Kendrick Lewis, who posted a poor 40 time before the draft, and was still drafted by the Chiefs. I'll have another story coming up on Lewis and the Chiefs on draft day. His is a good example of a workout number prompting the Chiefs to do more research and figuring out why he posted that workout number.