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Kansas City Chiefs Local Pro Day Is Today

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Over the last couple weeks we've picked up indications that the Kansas City Chiefs are holding their local pro day on April 12 (today) and this morning Josh Looney of confirms that reporting 18 local players will be working out at Arrowhead today.

This is a day when guys who are from the metro area, or played in the area, can come into Arrowhead and work out for Chiefs scouts. This doesn't count against the 30 pre-draft visits the team gets so it's just another opportunity to check out prospects.

Here are a few of the 18 players that stand out to me:

Stanford OL Derek Hall: He's a Rockhurst High School graduate so, keeping in mind where Chris and I went to high school, I'd sign him up right now. He actually has a shot to be drafted in the late rounds.

Mizzou LB Andrew Gachkar: Locally, he's the Missouri linebacker. Nationally, he's the guy that got in a fight along with Blaine Gabbert.

Fort Hays State QB Mike Garrison: He'll be the quarterback for this workout.

Check out the full list at and let us know what you think.