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NFL Draft 2011: Go On Record Predicting Who The Chiefs Will Draft

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Arrowhead Pride has teamed up with Valvoline for a couple of posts detailing who we think the Kansas City Chiefs are going to draft with the No. 21 overall pick. Show Valvoline some love on their Facebook page.

We are a little under three weeks and counting until the 2011 NFL Draft. I know we've been talking draft non-stop around here but I wanted you all to take a moment and put it down on record what position you think the Kansas City Chiefs will draft in the first round come April 28th.

We've done at least one of these polls this off season but I know people's thoughts change and flow (on a weekly basis around here at least). To help you out, here is the current position and count for who the Chiefs have been reportedly interested in this off season (with the usual caveat that we don't have a complete list):

Wide receiver (7), Running back (7), Offensive tackle (6), Linebacker (6), Quarterback (6), Defensive tackle (5), Defensive end (4), Center (4), Cornerback (2), Safety (2), Guard (2) and Tight end (2).

I haven't put my concrete thoughts down yet on who the Chiefs will draft so let me give you a teaser by saying I think the Chiefs go defensive or offensive line. I blew you away, right? Expect my more concrete prediction during draft week.

To help you decide, here are some resources:


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