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Down Goes Jamaal Charles: Chiefs RB Loses To Peyton Hillis In Madden '12 Vote

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The Kansas City Chiefs no longer have a player up for the cover of Madden '12. After defeating Denver Broncos QB Tim Tebow and Jacksonville Jaguars RB Maurice Jones-Drew, RB Jamaal Charles has finally lost in the Madden '12 tournament to select the next cover athlete.

Charles lost out to Cleveland Browns RB Peyton Hillis who is somehow on a tear to the Final Four as a 10-seed. This is the equivalent of George Mason making it to the Final Four a few years ago in the NCAA tournament.

 The final tally is 60 percent to Hillis and 40 percent to Charles.

The bad news is that Charles is out of the tournament. And he clearly wanted it as he regularly campaigned for it on his Twitter account, @jcharles25. Charles just sent out a Twitter message thanking his fans:

Thanks for voting! I really appreciate all the support. Didn't make it to the next Madden cover round but it was fun while it lasted..

The good news is that we now don't have to worry about the Madden Curse

The Final Four of the cover vote will have 1-seed Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers facing Hillis and 3-seed Philadelphia Eagles QB Michael Vick facing 9-seed Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson.

As Charles said, it was fun while it lasted...