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Chiefs And Former Chiefs Will Be Involved In NFLPA 2011 NFL Draft Events

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Several weeks ago a report surfaced that the NFLPA was asking top players in the 2011 NFL draft not to attend the draft day festivities at Radio City Music Hall. The backlash to that was not very good for the NFLPA and they've since decided to hold a set of events on draft weekend that won't coincide with the actual draft at Radio City Music Hall.

The events on Thursday, Friday and Saturday will be held down the street from the NFL draft so the players can do both. On Thursday, there will be a dinner from 4-6:00 p.m. On Friday, there will be interviews in the morning and then a lunch and a dinner. On Saturday, there will be other events including a "One Team Celebration Party" that evening.

There are, as of now, 20 confirmed incoming rookies attending the draft. There will also be a chunk of current and former players attending, including a couple Chiefs. WR Dwayne Bowe and LB Mike Vrabel will be attending, as will former Chiefs FB Tony Richardson and QB Warren Moon. 

So we can probably expect some draft weekend media time for Bowe and Vrabel.

Maybe Vrabel will tell us if he's coming back next year.