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2011 NFL Draft: Bill Parcells Rules For Drafting A Quarterback

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The Kansas City Chiefs may be in the market for a quarterback in the 2011 NFL draft but only a backup, and not a starter. QB Brodie Croyle's future is unknown and QB Tyler Palko may not be ready to be elevated to the No. 2 role.

So it makes sense that the Chiefs will be looking for a mid-round-or-later quarterback in the draft. There are a few possibilities that fit that mold but I want to be able to narrow down the possibilities. Because we know Chiefs GM Scott Pioli has been influenced in his career by Bill Parcells, I figured it would be worth it to look at Parcells' rules for drafting a quarterback. 

I'm not sure exactly when he came up with these rules but they've been floating around on the web for a while. Here they are:

  1. The quarterback must be a senior... because you need time and maturity to develop into a good professional quarterback.
  2. He must be a graduate... because you want somebody that takes their responsibilities seriously.
  3. He must be a three-year starter... because you want to make sure his success wasn't a fluke and to know that he has been "the guy" for a significant period of time.
  4. He must have 23 wins... because big numbers don't mean a whole lot if you don't win.

Notable names that meet this criteria are Iowa's Ricky Stanzi, Nevada's Colin Kaepernick and TCU's Andy Dalton. The Chiefs have reportedly worked out Kapernick and Dalton and we haven't heard anything on Stanzi, although he may be the one most likely to end up as a Chief. Adam Teicher of the KC Star mocked Stanzi to the Chiefs in the fifth round.

National Football Post profiled Stanzi this week and he seems to hit on all the qualities the Chiefs would be looking for in a quarterback.

Overall, I don't see Stanzi as a premium first or second-round player but I see a very smart and mature player who a team can take in the third or fourth round and be very happy with. He has excellent intangibles and a strong passion for the game. I have no problem saying that he will be an eventual starter in the league and a player you can consistently win with....just like he was in college.

So while the Chiefs look at quarterbacks to potentially add in the draft, remember that there are a lot of reasons Stanzi makes sense in red.