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2011 NFL Draft: Looking At Chiefs Trade Up Options

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Earlier this morning we looked at the chances of the Kansas City Chiefs trading down in the 2011 NFL draft. I predicted that, if they did move back, it would be because a team is looking for a quarterback and wants to hop ahead of someone like Seattle, who is looking are quarterbacks.

So now we look to the Chiefs chances of trading up in the draft. It's something we haven't talked a whole lot about because A.) the Chiefs have enough holes where they don't need to fall in love with one player high in the draft and B.) GM Scott Pioli seems to be about acquiring more picks rather than giving some up to move up in the draft.

Pioli gave up fourth and fifth round picks last year to move up into the third round so there is a precedent for him moving up. But moving up in the first round? I'm not sure that's likely at all.

In my conversation with Pioli last week, he indicated that trading up into, say the top five, was highly unlikely. I'd add the top 10 to that list, too. It's just too expensive.

But what if the Chiefs find someone they want -- maybe around the 15th pick or so -- would they think about trading up? Sure, I think they would. The problem is figuring out who that player is. I don't know who they want badly enough that they'd be willing to give up likely a second or third round pick just to move up a few spots.

The idea of moving up in the draft is always fun to talk about but I can't figure out who the Chiefs like enough to move up to get him.

That said, it only takes one player to free-fall to change their plans. Maybe the Chiefs have a top five grade on a player, and on draft day he plummets. If he's within striking distance, then I could see the Chiefs making a move.

Again, the only problem is identifying who that player is.