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2011 NFL Draft: Looking At Chiefs Trade Down Options

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I was reading Peter King's latest Monday Morning Quarterback report and he suggests the 33rd pick in the 2011 NFL draft, held by the New England Patriotswill be very valuable. That's because, with the new format started last year, the second round, which starts with pick 33, will begin on Friday, a full day after the first round.

So you'll have some teams that may need, for example, a quarterback, who will be sitting there all night wondering what they can do to get one. The Patriots, holding the to pick in the second round, are in an excellent position to move that pick if they want.

Applying similar logic, that teams will want to trade back up for a quarterback, is there any chance the Chiefs could trade down? Is there a team that wants to get ahead of, say Seattle at the 25th pick, to snag a quarterback?

Josh Looney of has a story this morning noting all the trade activity around the 21st pick in recent years so history is on their side when it comes to trading.

But, specifically, the scenario I'd hope for if the Chiefs are looking to trade down, which I think they should be, is someone wanting a quarterback, probably before Seattle comes up to pick at No. 21. The Seahawks are in the market for a quarterback and if a team early in the second wants to hop back into the first to secure a quarterback before Seattle comes up, the Chiefs could be a willing trade partner.

Let's say QBs Cam Newton, Blaine Gabbert and Jake Locker are off the board. Is there a team that would trade up to No. 21 to secure someone like QB Ryan Mallett?

I'm not sure if the Chiefs will trade down -- even they don't know that -- but if given the opportunity I say why not. At this point, I'd rather see them stock up on second and third round picks or, if someone gets desperate, a 2012 first round pick.

There are a ton of chances to trade in the draft every year. It'll be interesting which ones, if any, GM Scott Pioli has up his sleeve.