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Oklahoma State RB Called A Better Dexter McCluster

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The Kansas City Chiefs spent a second round pick on WR/RB Dexter McCluster as part of their focus on speed in the 2010 draft. For fans, it was definitely an exciting pick because McCluster is an elusive, potentially game-changing player (as evidenced in the season opener).

Someone else is going to get an exciting McCluster-like pick in the 2011 NFL draft with Oklahoma State RB Kendall Hunter. He's a little bigger than McCluster -- 5'7", 199 pounds -- but is always drawing the comparisons.

"He's not real big and some teams may question his durability, but if he's healthy and on the field, he's going to be an eye-catching difference-maker," former NFL scout Dave Razzano said. "He's better than the guy the Chiefs took last year (Dexter McCluster). You can have this guy in on some first-down packages. He can run between the tackles, and he's so elusive in the open field."

Sounds a little like the pre-draft talk on McCluster. 

Hunter will likely be more of a traditional runner wherever he goes while McCluster helped out in a few places. I'll take this moment to wonder whether McCluster would be better served playing at a heavier weight. The last listing on him was 5'8" and 170 pounds and reports have said the Chiefs may move him to running back more often this year. If he's touching the ball more as a running back, does he need to be heavier? Maybe that's something the Chiefs addressed with him before the lockout.

Now that the Chiefs have McCluster, and as they figure out exactly the right way to use him, I'm always curious how other teams are using players like him. On that note, it'll be interesting to see what happens with Hunter.

Members of the Belichick/Pioli tree, the Patriots and Falcons, are two of the many teams bringing him in for a visit.