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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 4/10

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Good morning, Chiefs fans! There isn't a lot of Kansas City Chiefs news out there today. We do have a very nice write up on the Cox family and how they produce one fullback after another. It's a pretty informative read. Enjoy.

True NFL veterans remember when the draft wasn't just the showcase event of the offseason but the only newsworthy event of the offseason.

"You were always pointing toward the draft, because you couldn't get other players and trades were uncommon," said Washington coach Mike Shanahan, who entered the NFL in 1984 as the offensive coordinator with the Denver Broncos.

"You had the draft, and then your football team was ready. People forget that free agency hasn't been here all that long."

NFL Teams are Viewing the Draft as They Did Decades Ago from KC Star

This most unusual football family forged its beginnings on three acres of flat, mowed grass along the Fishing Creek in northern York County.

Mike Cox, the oldest son and a supersized kid 15 years ago, didn't bother with breezy activities such as riding bikes. He was too big for them, anyway.

The crucial concern was that he couldn't remember his plays as a youth league running back.

And so the entire family mobilized in the backyard in Etters to help.

There was a goal post of PVC pipe.

A real scoreboard.

Family Full of Fullbacks from The Daily York

By his own admission, Chris Martin was "a pretty good football player in high school, but nothing special." But that would change...

...In the NFL, he played in 178 games, 90 as a starter. His shining moment in the NFL occurred on Oct. 13, 1991, when the Chiefs routed the Miami Dolphins 42-7, highlighted by a play when Martin scooped up a Miami fumble on the goal line and returned it 100 yards for a touchdown.

"You always remember something like that," says Martin, who ended his NFL career with 610 tackles, 20 sacks and 13 fumble recoveries, including four for touchdowns.

Huntsville Hall of Fame: Former NFL Player Chris Martin from