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Avoiding Jail Time To Work Out For The Chiefs

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Here's a strange story for you, courtesy of the Lawrence Journal-World.

Former Kansas Jayhawks defensive lineman Jamal Greene pled guilty to aggravated burglary and aggravated assault last May and on Friday was sentenced to 60 days in jail as well as three years probation.

Defense attorney Joshua Allen asked Douglas County District Judge Paula Martin to avoid a sentence with jail-time because he's finishing up the semester at a school in Olathe and....he's been invited to work out with the Kansas City Chiefs in April.

Indeed, the report states he has been invited to work out for the Chiefs on April 12 but he wouldn't be able to make that if in jail. The judge indicated that she would "take under advisement" any requests to be released for work.

We've had a couple of reports of players from the Kansas City area coming in to work out on April 12 so my best guess is that that's the day of the Chiefs local pro day, where players from the area come to work out in front of team officials. We can't confirm that's the case, though.

Check out the full story at the LJ World.