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Marty On Why Al Davis, Raiders Annoyed The Hell Out Of Him

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Marty needs no introduction around here -- not even a last name. He talked with 3 Guys In A Garage on 810 WHB Wednesday night and brought back some old memories talking about why he disliked the Oakland Raiders so much.

He also talked about some old school Chiefs topics -- Lamar Hunt, Grigs and Tony DiPardo -- but it was what he said about Al Davis and the Raiders that had me flashing back to the '90s. The last paragraph is the best.

"Well the thing that always bothered me and I feel badly about it right now of course because Al Davis has some issues and he was a very very strong part of the old AFL. But the thing that used to trouble me was that there were 32 teams in the league and it always seemed -- and this is probably ludicrous --that  Al used to find out where everybody else was going to vote in the league meetings on certain issues, and if the league showed a strong leaning toward voting one way, I always felt Al always voted the opposite of that. If the opposition was going to prevail and he voted for it.

"It used to bother the heck out of me. To me, the league was always the most important thing. And maybe I'm wrong, maybe he wasn't that way and that wasn't that motivated him. My dear buddy Tom Flores would say, 'Marty, no, that's not what drove him.'

"The Silver and Black, the demons, the pirates, whatever you want to call those guys. That used to annoy the hell out of me and I wanted to beat them every chance I got. And, you know what, we never won a Super Bowl but, I'll tell you one thing, we had a pretty good record against the Raiders."