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Mel Kiper's 2011 NFL Mock Draft Has An Outside Linebacker Coming To KC

We haven't heard yet whether Kansas City Chiefs LB Mike Vrabel plans to retire but some are apparently thinking that way as Vrabel's contract with the Chiefs is soon to expire. We don't know what his plans are but some 2011 NFL mock drafts are operating as if he may not be back.

That's the case with ESPN's Mel Kiper whose latest 2011 NFL mock draft has the Chiefs selecting UCLA OLB Akeem Ayers.

Kiper suggests Ayers has the skill-set to help a team early which, if Vrabel retires, the Chiefs may need (depending on how Andy Studebaker fits in). Kiper says Ayers fill "an obvious need" and that he's "in the Mike Vrabel mold" in that he can play in coverage and rush the tackle.

Part of the Chiefs mold seems to be the ability to do multiple things which, according to Kiper, Ayers can do. We're starting to develop some mini-consensus (Is that plural? Consensi?) on players at certain position. Baylor's Phil Tayor appears to be one of the popular defensive tackle picks while Ayers is settling in as a common outside linebacker pick.

Check out Kiper's full mock draft here (some of it is Insider).