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The Greatest Kansas City Chiefs, By The Numbers: #59

We continue on into linebacker territory with our Greatest Kansas City Chiefs series. All nine players who have worn No. 59 for the Kansas City Chiefs are linebackers, and a couple of them were pretty damn good, too.

We've got some names you know, some you don't and some that will bring back good memories. We're talking about the greatest Chiefs to wear No. 59, after the jump.

LB Shawn Barber (2003-05)

Barber came to the Chiefs in 2003 as an unrestricted free agent, spending his first five years in the NFL in Washington and Philadelphia. In 2003, he started every game for the Chiefs at outside linebacker. He would start 8 more games at linebacker before being released in 2005 to make room under the salary cap. Barber ended his Chiefs tenure with 121 tackles, two picks and nine pass deflections.

LB Ray Burks (1977)

A good 'ole 12th round pick in 1977, Burks played in 13 games for the Chiefs over one season. He did not play anywhere else in his NFL career.

LB Glenn Cadrez (2001-02)

Cadrez has made a name for himself with a California sports talk radio show but before that he was mainly known as a Denver Bronco. Cadrez came to the Chiefs after four years with the Jets and six years with the Broncos. He started six games as a Chief and had 35 tackles.

LB Donnie Edwards(1996-01, 2007-08)

Edwards was a fourth round pick by the Chiefs in the 1996 NFL draft and he made a heck of an impact in KC. During his first five years in the league with the Chiefs, Edwards started 80 games and had ten interceptions.

He went to San Diego for a few seasons in between stints in KC, earning a Pro Bowl berth there in 2002. He came back to KC for two seasons to end his career.

LB Jamie Fields (1993-95)

Fields started two games in two seasons in Kansas City. He didn't make much of a name for himself unfortunately until he passed away in a car accident in 1999. He was 29-years old at the time.

LB Stacy Harvey (1989)

Harvey played in nine NFL games in his career, all as a Kansas City Chief. He registered no significant statistics.

LB Andy Hawkins (1988)

1988 was Hawkins' last season in the NFL. He started three games in 1988 and didn't register any significant statistics.

LB Percy Snow (1990-92)

Snow was the 13th overall pick by the Chiefs in 1990. After starting 14 games during his rookie season, Snow crashed a moped during training camp in 1991 and was never the same player, according to reports. He started only one game over the next two seasons, his final two in the NFL.

LB Gary Spani (1978-86)

Gary Spani was a really great Kansas City Chief. After a standout career at K-State, Spani was drafted by the Chiefs in the third round of the 1978 NFL draft. Spani was a tackling machine at linebacker and he still holds the franchise record for tackles with 999.

Spani has been elected to the College Football Hall of Fame and the Kansas City Chiefs Hall of Fame.

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#28 - RB Abner Haynes

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#35 - RB Christian Okoye

#36 - RB Mack Lee Hill

#37 - RB Joe Delaney

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#41 - S Reggie Tongue

#42 - S/HB Johnny Robinson

#43 - FB Omar Easy

#44 - P Jerrel Wilson

#45 - RB Robert Holmes

#46 - DB Jim Kearney

#47 - S Jon McGraw

#48 - RB Todd McNair

#49 - FB Tony Richardson

#50 - LB Kawika Mitchell

#51 - LB Jim Lynch

#52 - LB Tracy Rogers

#53 - LB Marvcus Patton

#54 - G Brian Waters

#55 - C/LB E.J. Holub

#56 - LB Derrick Johnson

#57 - LB Mike Maslowski

#58 - LB Derrick Thomas