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Coming Soon: 'War Room' Starring Scott Pioli, Bill Belichick And Thomas Dimitroff

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Michael Holley, author of Patriot Reign, has a new book coming out in October called "War Room" starring New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick, Atlanta Falcons GM Thomas Dimitroff and Kansas City Chiefs GM Scott Pioli.

Holley has "unique access" to all three teams from training camp last August through the 2011 NFL draft in late April, according to a description of the book on Harper Collins website.
The minor characters in the book make up some of the most iconic names in league history. Bill Parcells is Pioli's father-in-law; Chiefs coach Todd Haley is the son of Dick Haley, who is the most visionary scout in football the last 40 years; Belichick is the son of the late Steve Belichick, whose "Football Scouting Methods" book was one of the early bibles for football evaluators.
The book description says it will provide a "new look at Belichick's influence" in New England, Atlanta and Kansas City. Belichick, Dimitroff and Pioli are the three central characters in the book.

Michael Holley will follow Belichick, Pioli, and Dimitroff through the entire 2010 season-from training camp 2010, through the Super Bowl, and into the April draft-exploring the personal connections of the three men and the increasing influence of the Patriot way....

....The culmination of the narrative will be all three men preparing their teams for the lifeblood of the NFL, which is the draft, as all three franchises seek to improve themselves through similar philosophies but perhaps different strategies.

If you haven't read Patriot Reign yet, that's considered the prequel here. It's required reading for Chiefs fans. This book....well, I can't tell you how I excited I am for it.

Whether it's fair or not, Pioli, along with Belichick, have been given the secrecy label which means we, as fans, will take any look we can into the way they operate. The release date, according to the Harper Collins website, is October 4th.

(H/T Boston Sports Media Watch for noticing the book link)