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Dexter McCluster Performs On ESPN's First Take

Kansas City Chiefs WR/RB Dexter McCluster may not have trouble finding another job if an NFL lockout hits. He could always turn to performing. McCluster appeared on ESPN's First Take Tuesday talking about his return to the classroom to finish up his college degree as well as another skill he has outside of football -- rapping.

"I don't actually think of myself as a rapper," he said. "I'm a singer. I love to sing and I've been singing since I was 10 years old."

We've heard all about McCluster's skills in the last year. He did a PSA against texting and driving and even performed in front of the team at the request of head coach Todd Haley.

If a lockout hits the NFL, McCluster will have something to keep him busy once he finishes his degree. He told ESPN that he's paying attention to the lockout stuff as much as he can.

"I try to wake up early in the morning and catch what I can catch on ESPN. I'm just sitting back waiting. Football is the greatest game on Earth so I don't want to see it postponed. I want to keep playing and I want to keep going so I'm just hoping for the best. "

ESPN then put him on the spot and asked him to sing something, which he did. We'll post the clip once it comes up.